We are between two Grifts.....

the land drains with their markers

reaching out into the sea:

The Grift to the north

which borders the community of Trusthorpe

with St Peter’s Church, the Cemetery & the Village Hall,

& the Boy Grift to the south

beyond which lie Huttoft & Anderby

with their exciting new environmental developments.

Inland we are bordered by the ancient parishes

of Hannah with its hill-top Georgian church

& Markby with its Saxon thatched church.

THE BOY GRIFT running into the sea


from its estuary,

with the Wolds

on the horizon

& the Sandilands

Golf Course

to the right

Travelling south along the A52 from Mablethorpe through Trusthorpe we pass on the seaward side the old holiday resort of Bohemia

following the Trusthorpe Road, which has the Sutton Social Club on the left, & the Enterprise Hall on the right.

The residential area behind the Enterprise is known as The Park.

Sutton High Street is known as The Village

It runs inland from the site of the old Beach Hotel (now the Beach Bar),

the War Memorial, the Pullover (“The Top”) the Paddling Pool & Pleasure Gardens,

& the old Life Boat Station, now the Meridale Youth & Community Centre.



from the Top

looking down on

the War Memorial

With the Bacchus Hotel on the left

& the Post Office on the right

the High Street reaches the Methodist Church

by the roundabout

where the roads from Alford (A1111)

& Skegness (A52) meet.


Parallel to the High Street is Broadway

with the Marisco Medical Centre on one side

& the Library on the other.

Following the sand-hills south is Furlongs

flanked by the recreation ground & playing fields.

These are bordered by the newer bungalows

built along the extension of Hillside Avenue

& behind our Primary School on theA52

near where the station was situated

until eliminated in Dr Beeching’s cuts.




The next pullover to the south is that of Church Lane

which runs west to join the A52 by the church of St Clement

with its distinctive leaning tower.

Most of the dunes to the south of Church Lane

were swept away in the 1953 Flood

making the biggest breach in the East Coast Sea Defences

known as The Acre Gap.

Many new houses have been built here,

but part of the gap has been preserved as an Environmental Centre.


The area between the Gap & the Boy Grift is Sandilands

the houses around its main road Sea Lane.

Here is the Grange & Links Hotel

appropriately named from the Golf Course

that stretches on as far as the Boy Grift

between the sea wall & the ancient Roman Bank.