Keith Auvache, John Booth, Mike Snowdon & A Manikin demonstrate the work of the First Responders



Each year our Association aims to give
a large part of its income
to Charities, Groups & Institutions that assist our locality.
In 2013 we donated towards the work of
  • LIVES: Sutton-on-Sea First Responders
  • Sutton-on-Sea Primary School
  • The Air Ambulance Service
  • The RNLI & the Life Boat Station

The perils of the North Sea

are faced by members of the RNLI

Our Association works closely
with the other Charities & Organizations
that are working for the good of our Area
~ especially in the many community events
that are staged here throughout the year.

Pupils at our School

are distracted

from their study of

owl pellets

by the presence of

a photographer

A Bus-load of fun arrives for the Carnival Procession..............                                   ......& a Sleigh-load arrives for the Late Night Christmas Shopping



The Rotary Club of Alford & Mablethorpe

is part of the worldwide organisation

of business and community leaders.

The Club meets on Tuesdays at 5.45 pm

on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month

at the Bacchus Hotel, Sutton on Sea,

& on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays

at the Manor House, West Street, Alford.

On the 5th Tuesdays

the club usually meets later with partners.


The Parish Church of Sutton

holds services twice weekly:

10am on Sundays

& 9-30am on Wednesdays.

It has a magazine THE LINK,

issued every other month,

& a parish hall (for hire)

a weekly study group

& a round of social activity.

The Revd Peter Liley

is based in the Vicarage

next door to the church.

01507 443948


This Club for Ladies & Gentlemen over 55

aims to provide a service to the community

by raising money for good causes & charities.

It meets the last Wednesday of each month

at the Bacchus Hotel at 11.45pm

with lunch at 12.30pm.

01507 442 457


In 2011 a small group of friends

from Sutton-on-Sea & Sandilands

celebrated the Royal Wedding

raising almost £1,100

for the First Responders

& the Tourism Forum.

The group has since then

ceased to exist

but past members of thye group are currently working with the Residents association  & giving invaluable help!




The Mablethorpe Area Partnership

supports businesses

& assists in regeneration projects

as well as finding funding for projects.

M.A.P leads on a number of events,

the Coastal Arts Festival "Bathing Beauties" 

as well as playing a supporting role

in other events.

M.A.P publishes ' What's On'

& manages the Mablethorpe website

& the Shopwatch Scheme.

Its Manager is Karen Froggatt:

 07917 628171


The Centre is at the top of the High Street

& as well as running weekly youth clubs

the Centre hosts many local events.

01507 441 481

The Meridale Info Centre

is open every Friday from 10am - 4pm


In the past everal of our local gardens

have opened to the public

during the summer month

as part of this nationwide scheme.


During 2013 our gardens raised

  • £2,920.70

with £262.00 going to the RNLI Lifeboats £555.65 to the Meridale Community Garden £820.65 to LIVES First Responders

£274.50 to the British Red Cross

& £1,007 going to the National Scheme

which supports such charities as

Macmillan Cancer Support,

Help the Hospices,

& the Alzheimer's Society.


In 2014,due to reconstruction work,

only one garden opened,

that of Marigold Cottage.


[LEFT] Charis::

The Garden

of Carol Thomas

& Richard Foy,

in the Park


Marigold Cottage:

The Garden of Stephanie Lee

& John Raby in Hotchin Road